When you work with the right people, your money can do more.

The Mile Marker Club grew out of its parent company, Heritage Capital USA. Frustrated with traditional investments, Ryan Parson realized there were very few options for investors when it came to private alternative deal flow, or even opportunities to diversify into other sectors. So he started putting his own deals together. After a few years of success, he realized his process for vetting deals and deal operators – even helping them improve their offering – was extremely valuable. Heritage Capital USA became the company by which he continued to operate for his family and friends.

To share his offering with other like-minded accredited investors – his extended family – Ryan combined his experience as a teacher, speaker and financial leader to create the Mile Marker Club. Named for the mile markers or goals we can only achieve one at a time, the club provides members with a larger pool of dollars with which to invest, attracting bigger, better deals and opportunities.

And for members who are not yet accredited investors, the club also offers access to its full curriculum of wealth education materials.

Ryan Parson

Chief Investment Officer

Founder and Chief Investment Officer of the Mile Marker Club, Ryan Parson is also the Founder and CEO of Heritage Capital USA, the parent company he started to focus on the needs of accredited investors. An MBA, CFP®, and ChFC, Ryan has more than 25 years of experience in financial services, insurance and real estate. His unique expertise comes from an in-depth knowledge of both the traditional financial services market and alternative investments, as well as his rich history of activity in various sectors. Ryan is also a nationally-recognized speaker and educator on topics related to alternative investing and portfolio management.