About the Symposium

The Mile Marker Club Symposium events are designed by High Net Worth Investors for High Net Worth Investors (More than $1,000,000 of net worth, excluding your primary residence). While members of the Mile Marker Club enjoy numerous exclusive benefits throughout the year, the Mile Marker Club Symposium is open to all High Net Worth Investors seeking invitation-only, private events to gather with other sophisticated investors.

Why the Symposium? Message from Ryan Parson


While topics are varied from event to event, the core agenda focuses on:

  • asset accumulation
  • capital deployment
  • wealth preservation
  • strategies
  • techniques
  • case studies
  • feedback
  • deal flow
  • key experts
  • portfolio management
  • alternative investments
  • business management

An Event for High Net Worth Investors

It is very difficult for individuals & families with net worth between $1 and $10 million (excluding your primary residence) to find credible information and strategy about how alternative investments and vehicles intersect with traditional financial planning strategy. These intensive symposiums will not only expose you to financial strategies you won’t hear about from the traditional financial planning industry but will also provide you with credible investment deal flow to help you bring your unique goals and aspirations to their reality.

Due to the unique nature of this event, only high net worth investors are invited to attend. We are a discreet and discerning group of like-minded investors. A maximum of 10 attendees (5 couples) are invited to participate in this symposiums. In order to give participants ample time to interact with guest speakers and other attendees, the RSVP list is limited and takes place in exclusive locations throughout the country.


We ask participants to provide their own transportation to the event location. From there, your enrollment includes your lodging, gourmet food, and premium beverages throughout the event. Since the events are typically held in desirable, resort-type locations, there will also be opportunities to extend your trip to take advantage of local attractions and activities. While the meetings and discussion are intense, the environment is meant to be comfortable and casual.

In keeping with the spirit and decorum of this event, please plan to have an interview with a Mile Marker Club executive prior to registering and paying.

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Thank you for your interest and we look forward to learning more about you and sharing with you the opportunities our symposiums have to offer.

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