How The Program Works


  1. Complete the no-obligation application
  2. Meet with the Mile Marker Club team
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Gold and Platinum Membership Levels


  • Quarterly discussions with Mile Marker Club team
  • Preferred Pricing and Exclusive Access to Deal Flow
  • Discounts to Exclusive Events throughout the year
  • Technologies designed to assist high net-worth investors with their portfolios
  • Many other first class benefits designed for Accredited Investors

Example topics discussed during Mile Marker Club sessions:

  • Erosions to Returns
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Stretch IRAs
  • Catastrophic Risk Management & Alternative Investments
  • Integrating Alternatives in a Well-Balanced Portfolio
  • Discounted Assets
  • 401K In-Service Withdrawal
  • Maintaining Tax Benefits of a 401K Rollovers with Alternative Investments
  • Self-Directed IRA: Is it really self-directed?
  • Pension Plan Maximization
  • Create Your Own Pension Plan
  • College Funding
  • What Role Can Alternative Investments Play in Future Generations?
  • Social Security: It’s not enough, but has a big impact… and not necessarily a good impact
  • Estate Planning: We all need to do it regularly no matter how much money we think we have

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