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Symposiums offer existing Mile Marker Club members and Guest Investors the opportunity to learn about wealth accumulation and preservation strategies as well as hear live presentations from vetted deal operators.

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Note:  Platinum members receive complimentary basic registration (no lodging or airport transfers included).


Propel offers our business development clients and deal operators an in-depth training and educational event where you will learn expert techniques for working with investors, developing an investor relations strategy and increasing your confidence with pitching your opportunity and networking with other skilled deal operators and industry experts.  Guest investors may participate as well to provide meaningful feedback on your opportunity.  Mile Marker Club Members receive discounted registration on Propel events.

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Industry Expert Webinars

See what all Investors need to know to be successful in both the short-term and long-term.  Learn more about the multi-sector approach and the necessary financial strategies to support your wealth accumulation and preservation goals.  You’ll hear from featured guests and other industry experts who have specialized financial knowledge you won’t want to miss on these complimentary webinars.

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Heritage Multi-Sector Fund I Informational Webinar

For those Investors seeking a multi-sector approach – but don’t have time to explore each individual investment opportunity – we offer the Heritage Multi-Sector Fund I.  The Multi-Sector Fund is another way we work and invest alongside our Investors and Members. The Fund is comprised of opportunities from the Heritage Capital USA private deal flow, and provides the immediate diversification accredited investors desire.

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Colonial Impact Fund II Informational Webinar

We know that accredited investors today are looking out at a “sea” of investment options. We further realize that as a sophisticated investor, you’re constantly evaluating these options in your portfolio, in both your traditional and non-traditional or “alternative” investments such as private placements and real estate secured notes.  Whether you have invested in discounted “paper” in the past or not, whether you’re new or seasoned when it comes to discounted note investing, we feel that our offering’s and opportunities are well suited to alternative real estate-related assets.

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Motorhome and Money Tour

The mission of the Motorhome & Money Tour is to provide wealth education and strategy about opportunities available to all investors. This group of investors has unique needs that are often under-served by mainstream wealth management programs.  Or, join us as we ride across the countryside!

To register, please send an email to M&$T@milemarkerclub.com

  • September 22-23, 2018 Traveling from Glenwood Springs, CO to Dallas, TX


As our team travels across the country visiting existing investors, researching new investment opportunities and participating in strategic events, we invite you to spend a few hours with us discussing the business and the many opportunities available for co-investment.

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