The Mile Marker Club is focused on empowering accredited investors and building wealth using alternative investments. Join the Mile Marker Club to connect with like-minded investors to exchange ideas and stay on the road of financial freedom! While we have a special fondness for the Motorhome lifestyle, the Mile Marker Club is open to all accredited investors. This Club is organized by high net worth accredited investors for high net worth accredited investors.

We know all too well that it is very difficult for investors with $1,000,000-$10,000,000 of net worth to access desirable deals that are off-market and not available to the public. That, combined with having access to credible professionals and advisors that are well-versed in the space of alternative investments and how they interact with your overall financial portfolio, is another reason the MMC is in existence.

Why the name, “Mile Marker Club?”

Our community is connected by several threads. For one, many of us have a passion for traveling, including for some an appreciation for the motorhome lifestyle. Related to that passion is the goal of true financial freedom. Additionally, the word “club” implies a private community of like-minded high net worth investors, actively engaged in goal oriented collaboration.


Structured as a monthly subscription, the Club provides its members unique insights into:

  • Advanced financial education topics from the industry’s top financial experts with unique knowledge of high net worth needs
  • Access to attractive off-market private (non-traditional) investments for your portfolio
  • All members are discreet, Accredited Investors
  • Association with others who share your goals and aspirations of continued wealth accumulation and protection

How It Works

The Mile Marker Club offers various levels of membership based on your needs of access to high quality financial education, connections with financial experts and access to off-market, quality deal flow.

You will have 24/7 access to a host of recorded podcasts with experts across the industry ranging from estate planning to retirement planning, investment structuring and wealth protection. Additionally, a vast library of newsletters, white papers, recorded presentations organized by appropriate category are for your exclusive use.

For those members wishing to have more direct contact with Mile Marker Club executives, you will be able to gain assistance with prioritizing your goals, discussing capital deployment strategies unique to your portfolio as well as a customized knowledge database tailored just for you.

Each of our members, regardless of level, will receive various preferred access and preferential pricing for the exclusive deal flows only available to Mile Marker Club members. In addition to our own proprietary live events held throughout the year, we offer discounts to other leading events ranging from financial education to asset specific learning opportunities. Some events, featuring guest speakers including former US Presidents, will be completely complimentary as a MMC member.

How The Program Works